Yasmin Sweets


hipnik arts and entertainment

A Northern California native, Miss Sweets with her soul nomadic, continues her transient tour across the globe spreading the hipnik word. Never sure of her next step, she dances the hipnik life and lives the "play it by ear" motto. She speaks of hipnik as an inevitable phenomenon: "With the blurring of any and all boundaries and definitions, art forms, disciplines, language- everything becomes a fabulous fusion- it's hipnik: anything goes." Poetry is in her blood as she descends from a long line of poetic ancestry. She began writing little rhymes, haikus and other poems in her early elementary school days and believes one should not WAIT for the moment but rather TAKE the moment. "Live with passion, for without passion what's the life worth living?"


the lyrical fusion of the fab (magic) four

come see~listen to how we plays

playwrighting our life is how we live our daze

days are life and life is such love

love is everywhere

[destination:] everywhere we go

go like gurus of good times

time and rhymes certainly change

change can rearrange

rearrange none but the story

story is for telling

telling with our funk life living

living the dance and in the groove

groove with rhythm and feel the beat

beat with our hipnik style

style with what weve got

got so much and able

able is comfort

comfort.able. with what weve not

not so much weve also got

got a lotta jazz

is this not magic everyone has?

has everyone got this all?

all to the musical sounds of life

jazzoetry 101

(preamble to flamenco sketches)

Chambers low register pluck

rootless William impresses

on ivory and ebony

together come ivory and ebony

to make hue blue

or kind of

all blue on the fourth track

never restrained behind 12 bars

freedom drips down the cylindrical treasure

out of lovely lacivious lips

emitting extraterrestrial improv and sound

sound ebony silk

smooth smart succulent

im affected for Miles

im drawn

to and like

a flamenco sketch

hypnotised by brass voice

melodic words speak to me

take me


wake me

refresh me


2,4 and by Miles

immobile by Miles

like this ebony key

mute with harmon.y

electric ideas


shake and awake.n

the giant jump from behind world

miles. leaps outer space

inner space

filling hunger

with an empty plate

not a soul

lacks desire

to ride on the harmonic Trane

for miles

praise the kind

praise the king

the king of

the kind of

blue planet cool


some sort of lines delivered

in the name of

in the name of

in the name of

truth? creation? light?

yes i be

still that sister searching


that is different

from realising

our realities

i seek knowledge

thirst for truth

but as i've seen

there are many paths

to reach that seven

paths with patterns


all who we are

being true

to you

and knowledge of self

or selves

for i do not deny

multiple existence

fragmenting one

true essence


i bear witness

and breathe deeply

no one can get

to me

for i own

all of me




my energy

serves plenty



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