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In the midst of a "poetic renaissance", Ainsley Burrows, a self published poet, spoken word artist, and musician, stands out in the crowd. At the tender age of 25, Burrows has established himself as an accomplished spoken word artist, a universal poet, and a talented musician.
Ainsley's dreams of becoming a literary icon was stalled by his feeling of making a 'smart' career choice. Prior to his revlataion for a writing career, Ainsley was pursuing a career in the financial industry and recieving a Bachelors degree in Accounting was one of the steps taken.
Later, he began graduate work in an MBA program. It was in his first year of graduate school that Burrows decided he could no longer deny his passion for writing.
He had began writing for the university paper early in his college career, performing some of his early works of poetry, and formed a band called Veritcle 8. His performances became popular and Ainsley soon began touring the local colleges. After an almost fatal car accident, Burrows realized that writing was his calling, and left business school to pursue writing full time. The energy put into his literary career gave birth to a remarkable, self-published book of poetry entitled, "Black Angels with sky blue feathers", and a debut album of spoken word called "Cataclysm".

"Black Angels with sky blue feathers", is a collection of poems that embraces the soul, it is expressed in an articulate fashion true poetry lovers can appreciate. The book begins its Literary genesis with a poem untitled, "A Rose in Harlem", depicting a woman with a soul and spirit as deep as Harlem itself, and concludes with a piece called "Notes on my piano", giving insight into Burrows' philosophy on life. "I am a mere chronicler of the stories that I see in the eyes of these victims of time. I see their hurt. I write about them and their pain in order to understand myself, and my pain." Derived from "Black Angels with blue sky feathers", his debut album, "Cataclysm", a combination of spoken word and musical artistry. It gives poetry and music lovers a feeling of having cake and eating it, too, as one listens to the poetry that is fluid, passionate and complex, enhanced with music that strengthens its delivery. Each song takes you on a musical, inspirational journey that allows you to bear witness to the depth of Ainsley Burrows' genius.
Ainsley resides in New York and is currently working on his first novel.

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