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The Mind Magician 2001 Int'l Poetry Tour

Diary part 1

The 2001 International Mind Magician tour, starring Tehut-Nine who is
also joined by Heru Ptah & Rashida Bartley has been explosive thus
far. The tour started off with a bang and took Tehut-Nine and his
fellow poets across 3 European Countries in the first couple of days
see below:

June 5th-: London, UK
The first night was excellent as the trio wooed England with a small
sample of their poetry.

June 6th-: Paris, France
Paris was another wonderful place to visit and even though their was
no shows officially booked there. They took to the street and enjoyed
the beutiful architecture. Note: Paris has a lot of black people I
felt like I was downtown Brooklyn with my peoples it was all love.

June 7th-: Berlin, Germany
Germany was a big! big! show...Berlin being the capital of the
republic made this one of the most intriguing shows. Tehut-Nine, Heru
& Rashida arrived in Berlin early in the morning to be picked up by
their host and promoter. Berlin ofcourse is a beautiful
city/province. They have been doing poetry slams/readings there of
over 8 years according to the host of the showcase their. The show
started at 8:30pm and was attended by over 250 people. Performing in
Germany nerve racking because of the language difference but we
learned that many Germans were taught English in school so we did our
thing and they loved it. Just before the show started we were
interviewed by one of Berlins largest TV Networks which was very
exciting. The show started and Rashida went first and blew the house
away with a tantalizing love poem that made the men want her and the
women to want to be her (ummmm!), Heru was next and he pulled out a
old classic called "Hunger" you should have been there to hear the
German Women scream when he said "I went in so deep that from the
inside I could feel her heartbeat" Both Rashida and Heru set the
stage for Tehut-Nine who was the feature of the night. He hit Berlin
with a nice arrangement of poems from "Chocolate Bars, Scary Movie to
Mind Magician" they loved them all. It was so amazing because our
earlier concerns were about them understanding what we said in
English but by the time Tehut-Nine got to Mind Magician they were
finishing the poem with him.

**Promotions for the show was excellent: Berlin Subway, TV,
Magazines, Flyers, etc.

June 9th - Stuttgart, Gemany

We left Berlin in the North of Germany and made our way to the south
arriving in Stuttgart. We met up with the host who I must say is one
of the most pleasant persons I've ever met. His name is (Timo Brunke)
if you ever travel to Germany look him up. Timo is also considered by
many organizers in Germany to be the nations best slam poet. Being in
Stuttgart was historical because according to Timo who runs the
biggest if not the only poetry event there, according to Timo we were
the first English Speaking poets to perform there. The performance
was wicked. Man you had to be there. The German poets were off the
hook, even though we couldn't understand a word of what they were
saying WE all felt it. Again Rashida laced the stage with an
excellent performance of her poetry that when she was finished she
was asked to do an encore (hope I spelt that right) Heru followed her
lead and ripped it to shreads. It was so crazy that they had to take
a break to prepare for the feature-:Tehut-Nine who came up and rocked
the house with a phenomenal performance he was also asked to do an
(encore). It was off the hook, then they had a freestyle session and
YO! these German emcees can rock like WOW! Tehut-Nine went up and
tried to rap which was funny, anyway realizing that rapping was not
working as well as he liked he jumped into a Bob Marley song and had
the entire audience which was about 300 or more singing "Redemption

**Promotions for the show was excellent: Magazines, Newspapers,
flyers, etc

June 10th - Munich, Germany

What can I say about Munich other than it is the Mecca for Poetry in
Europe...make no mistake about that. Ko Bylanzky & Rayl are the God
Fathers of spoken word events in Germany. These guys know how to plan
a show, organizers of slam/ poetry events in the USA could learn a
thing or two from these guys. They promote poetry as if it as a rock/
hip hop concert. The name of the venue we performed at was called
Substanz(substance) and that what the night was about substance. It
was a beautiful night for poetry and ironically it was the last night
of the season for the Munich Poetry Slam. Believe me not even the
Nuyorican Poets Cafe was as packed as this place it was sick. People
were siting on the floor from the stage almost to the door of this
very huge venue, upon first glance they looked like pilgrims sitting
around the Kaaba at the city of Mecca. The show was attended by over
500 people. The energy was high, it was poetry slam and Tehut-Nine
was the spotlight/ feature poet. Rashida and Heru were entered into
the slam which was unique in the way it was organized. They had 12
slots for contestants all the even numbers (2,4,6,8,10,12) were for
poets who were invited the odd numbers were filled by picking names
out of a hat to give every poet whether they came early or late a
fair chance to participate. They also broke the total number (12) of
poets into two sets. The entire audience was the judge, there were no
score cards either poets at the end of each set were scored by the
cheers of the audience. Rashida was in the 1st set and she won. Heru
was in the second set which was won by Timo who came with us from
Stuttgart to Munich. They had to battle it out and in the end they
were both the winner. Tehut-Nines feature was short and spicy the
audience was just unbelievable, as he opened breaking the ice asking
the audience to join in and sign Bob Marleys "Redemption Songs" then
he went into his set doing Chocolate Bars, Mental Eye-roglyphics ,
Mind Magician and a few others walking off the stage to a thunderous
The night was also attende and recorded by a major Televison Station.

**Promotions was super excellent: Large Posters, small flyers,
Magazine, TV, Street teams, Phone calls, etc..)

June 11th - Munich, Germany

This was the last night and the last show for us in Munich. It was
organized by the same guys who did the slam the previous day. Now I
don't know too many people who can organize two huge shows back to
back and they are both successful and both well attended. This show
had over 300 people in attendance. The show was organized around
Tehut-Nine. The first poet to open the night was a wonderful artist
from Swizerland named Ralf. Heru and Rashida followed Ralf from
Swizerland and heated up the stage setting th momentum. Tehut-Nine
came on and after and it was the most incredible performance, it was
filled with humor, audience participation and depth. After the show
virtually all the copies of his book "Mental Eye-roglyphics" and new
CD "Mind Magician" was sold out. The organizers said it was one of
the best shows they have organized, one even went as far to say that
the only show that had a slightly louder applaud following a feature
they've had was Slam Papi Marc Smith. To say the least Tehut was
honored and very happy. Rashida sold out all the copies of her
book "The Writings of Just One Negro Woman" she touched so many women
and became a huge inspiration for many of them who after seeing her
also wanted to get on the stage and perform. Heru was on fire the
entire trip working the audience and blessing us all with work from
his book "Love, God and Revolution".

**Promotions was Extremely Excellent: similar to June 10th.

June 13th - London, UK

Currently we are in London and will do a showcase tonight in Brixton.
Stay tuned for the next update on Tehut-Nine's 2001 Int'l Mind
Magician Tour in Europe.

Diary part 2

June 13 - London, UK

This was the first all black showcase we did on the tour. The
showcase was called URBAN GRIOTS, the venue was located in Brixton
which is like the Brookly or better the Harlem of England. We arrived
early and met our host and found out the line up and all that stuff.
Once the audience started coming in I knew it was going to be a
unbelievable night by the time we took the stage there was close to
350 people packed into the room. Rashida rocked two joints to wet
their appetite, Heru erupted like a volcano and held it down with his
poems "Hunger", Reluctant Revolutionary and the explosive "WHY" they
were going nuts. Tehut-Nine was last to go and since he was the
feature his time slot was extended for 20-30 minutes, the crowd was
thick and hungry to hear what he was going to do after Rashida and
Heru blazed it. Many of the audience members were friends and fans
who had seen him in the year 2000 when he first went to Europe on
tour, they returned to see and hear what spells the Mind Magician
was going to cast. Tehut-Nine opened up with fire and jumped into his
first poem "Mental Eye-roglyphics" cathching the audience off guard
with the phenomenal wordplay " ma, disceive...dis eve,
emergency...emerge and see" It was lovely he did Mind Magician and a
few others then hit them with Scary Movie it was a concert
performance the room was hot and he was blazing the mic with sweat
running heavy off his face, when he finished it was obvious Tehut-
Nine, Heru and Rashida were not playing they gave London their heart
and soul and by the applause and sale of product London let them know
they appreciated what they did.

June 14 - Edinburg, Scotland

We arrived in Edinburg, which is the capital of Scotland in the early
afternoon and met our host Jem Rolls and Anita Govan. On our way to
the house we learned a lot about Scotland and it's people. We only
had a few hours to relax because Tehut-Nine was schedule for a radio
interview on BBC Radio Scotland. On our way to the radio station we
got a chance to check out one of the Palaces there and took some
pictures. The radio station was lovely the interview was incredible
all three poets Heru, Rashida and Tehut-Nine spoke about the tour and
recited a sample of their work. The next stop was the venue we were
performing at- The Gilded Saloon. This was their 5th show and we were
breifed that the press was coming down. The night was organized and
promoted completely around Tehut-Nine and his tour. The audience
filed in and the room was packed to capacity. The first half of the
show showcased a few local acts-: Three poets and a comedian (Des
Clarke) who were all excellent. The second half was given to Tehut-
Nine, Rashida and Heru. Tehut-Nine opened up the floor and did "Dr.
Ink the word" explaining to the audience that the title was coded,
one lady screamed out in excitement because she figured it out (Drink
the word) The audience who we were told is usually quite were
prepared by Tehut-Nine who told them "This is an interactive show, so
scream, clap, laugh just give us some energy if you like what you
hear" I guessed they liked what they heard because they were very
lively. Tehut-Nine ended Dr. Ink to a thunderous applaud, Rashida was
next and she was incredilbe she was just incredible, she took that
stage and burnt it up with "Breast Implants, Moonlight and another
poem I can't recall" The audience was blown away by her...I'm just
happy to say I know this younglady now, because she is a powerhouse
and soon everybody will know her name. Heru was on fire with an
excellent performance he was inspirational and everybody in the room
was locked into his words and performance. You had to be there to see
him, he performed! Believe me he performed like he was a Reggae
Deejay filled with energy he was great. Tehut-Nine finished the night
off and what can I say it was unbelievable. I most enjoyed the part
of the show where he talked to the audience about Domestic violence
and how men need to put an end to that kind of behavior then he did a
wonderful poem titled "Battered Beauty" Scotland was definitely
blessed. The next day the main newspaper(The Edinburg) printed a
wonderful review of the performance.

June 16 - London, UK

We returned to London filled with excitement after having such a
great time in Scotland. On this night Tehut-Nine was booked to
perform in Hackney at a showcase organized by one of London's
powerful women/ pioneer Teju. The venue was a beautiful Gallery in
South London. When we arrived we met Teju and a few attendants who
had also seen Heru, Tehut-Nine and Rashida on June 13th. They came
for a second serving of the soul. The show started around 9 or 9:30
it was titled: From The Mouths of New York. However the performers
were a mix of UK poets and (US poets)Tehut-Nine, Rashida and Heru.
Rashida took the stage first doing two heavy poems, and she did them
so well...One peice talked about HIV and the other poem I believe was
about prostitution. She gave a heart felt performance, freeing
herself of the mic and spitting the passion from her soul with pure
vocal chords, lungs and her emotions. Everybody in the room felt what
she said and appreciated how she said it. She along with the earlier
UK poets set the mood for the night...It was going to be hot. The
room was not a very big room but it was packed people were standing
in the back to the sides and hanging out the door. Heru was next,
with his poetic guns drawn he blazed the room with another wonderful
performance. The Mind Magician crew was having fun and the audience
was loving it. Tehut-Nine finished the night with another powerful
performance. He had a great time. Most of the audience members were
friends he had made from his last trip to the UK in September 2000.
He was especially happy to see his friend and publicist Jennifer
Kissi-Debrah. The night was well put together by Teju. Tehut-Nine
finished his set with a request by the audience that he do what has
become an international favorite "The Chocolate Bar Poem".

June 17th - London, England,

Tehut-Nine was scheduled to do a radio interview on BBC Radio as a
guest on London Live with Henry Bonsu. The interview was wonderful.
With all the publicity and press that this tour has received it
definitely is a landmark event and will be remembered for years to

June 19 - Oldenburg, Germany

On June 18th we left out from London on our way to Germany. Tehut-
Nine was booked for a show in Oldenburg on the 19th and then for a
show in Rome on June 20th, the problem here is that most of our
travels are by train and Oldenburg is in Northern Germany and Rome is
in Southern Italy which means that by train it would not be possible
to do. So arrangements were made for only Tehut-Nine to come to
Oldenburg by train and then go to Rome by plane. This meant that the
group had to split up. Together we went from London, UK to Paris,
France then from Paris, France to Frankfurt, Germany then we
separated. Tehut-Nine went on to Oldenburg and Heru and Rashida went
on to Rome by train. O.K. (exhale) hope that wasn't too confusing.
Well the show in Oldenburg was another phenomenal show. It was the
first time since the tour started that Tehut-Nine was performing
without his friends Heru and Rashida. The show was historical it was
the first time that a Jamaican Born, Brooklyn Resident, English
speaking poet was performing in Oldenburg. The show was just Tehut-
Nine nobody else, think about how nerve racking that was. But he
pulled it off with skill. Tehut-Nine broke his show into two sets
because the organizer wanted him to do a hour and 30 minutes
showcase, if this sounds crazy to you too then we are in the same
mindset. Tehut got on stage and just hit them with poetry explaing
before hand that, "Though language may not be universal, emotions are
so I hope you feel what I am saying even if you can't understand
everything" Either they felt it all or understood it all because they
were loving it...Poem after poem you could hear audience members
cheering, laughing and applauding. At one point Tehut asked for a
female to come on stage and he recited a beautiful poem titled "I
vow" she was totally wooed. The first set was completed and the
people rushed Tehut to get copies of his book "Mental Eye-roglyphics"
and his CD "Mind Magician" In the second set it was just as beautiful
as the first and when Tehut-Nine finished his last poem they gave him
a standing ovation.

June 20th - Rome, Italy

This was a early day for Tehut, he had to drive from Oldenburg to
catch a plane leaving from Bremen, Germany to Zurich, Switzerland and
then from Zurich, Switzerland to Rome, Italy. The transition from
place to place was smooth and Tehut arrived in Rome around 3:00pm in
the afternoon. Once he arrived he met up with Heru and Rashida who
had arrived in Rome on June 19th which was the day before. It was a
moment of relief for the group of three who were equally concerned
for each other after splitting up in Germany. Our hosts were so
beautiful. They were American born (Seattle) who made there home in
Rome for the past 3 years. The show here was so special because
unlike all the other showcases done on the tour which were poetry
oriented this one wasn't. Our host had never done anything poetry
oriented before, he heard that Tehut-Nine was looking for places in
Rome to perform at and just wanted to help out, so he emailed Tehut
in Early May 2001 and told him that he would put something together,
then went out and found a venue and did a excellent job promoting the
show. The venue we performed in was a beautiful old temple built
during 13th century Rome. The aucoustics were unbelievable. Not
knowing what to expect being that this was the first ever poetry
showcase that our host was doing, we waited and watched as people
poured into the sanctuary to hear the message to be delivered by the
Mind Magician Crew. Tehut-Nine went first and got the crowd hyped and
in the mood pumping them up into a choir of cheers and applause. He
even had them singing Bob Marley songs as he did with audiences in
Germany during the earlier part of the tour. It was amazing Tehut
utilized all elements of communication to connect with the mostly
Italian speaking crowd. He taught them a greeting in Jamaican (Wat A
gwawn?) and asked for the Italian translation which was
("Bellazeiko"). Rashida rocked it, Heru Rocked it, Tehut-Nine came
back and rocked it. It was a beautiful night...We laughed and joked
about selling one book for 22,000 liras (Italian Currency). Later
that night we walked to where the Colleseum was and took pictures.
This was such a great feeling being here. We were in Rome standing
next to the Roman Colleseum and the thing that brought us here was
poetry. Tehut-Nine screamed out "I'm in Rome" it was an emotional
moment for everyone...the tour was going great and we were all living
out our dreams, experiencing what most people only watch on TV or
read about in History books. Rome is such a beautiful place, so much
history, good food, lots of sunshine and beautiful... well you could
definitely see the Moorish influence here as well. If you are
planning to travel to Europe make Rome one of the places you

June 22 - Frankfurt, Germany

We left from Rome to go back to Germany and ran into a few glitches.
>From Rome we had to change trains in Milan, Italy (The Fashion
Capital of the World). When we arrived in Milan (11:00pm) we were
told that the next train to Germany was 7:15AM in the morning. We
were already tired and now we had to wait 8 hours for the next train.
First we thought about getting a hotel, but after much discussion we
decided to camp out with several other people in the Train Station.
It was cool, all three poets got to talk and know each other better
for a chance. I can't go into all that happened throughout the night
but all and all it was interesting. We caught the 7:15 train to
Germany and arrived in Frankfurt at 4:00 pm and were picked up by our
host. The show was at the BCN-Cafe, which is part of a University
campus. We were staying in a guest house on the campus where we
dropped off our stuff, took showers and were eventually whisked away
to a Radio Station where Tehut-Nine was scheduled to do an interview.
While driving to the station we were listening to the radio which was
tuned to the station where Tehut-Nine was to do the interview, and
even though we couldn't understand all that was said it made us proud
when we heard the Announcer said the name Tehut-Nine between a few
German words. We got to the station and Tehut-Nine did the interview
along with Rashida and Heru, then we left to get prepared for the
show. The entire night was built around Tehut-Nine, Rashida and
Heru...The audience was a nice size and the crew was ready to rock
the mic. Tehut-Nine went first, Rashida second, Heru Last then we
took a break. As usual it was a great performance. The second set
was electrifying as well. Brooklyn DJ Krazy Cuts who now lives in
Frankfurt came through and started spinning records. Tehut-Nine
grabbed the mic and started freestyling it was so funny (lol) I mean
it was crazy but the audience was enjoying it. Then he started doing
reggae. He told the audience that he was going to have a good time
regardless of what and he certainly was. After entertaining the room
with his off metered raps he put the mic down and started dancing to
the hip hop beat with women he pulled from the audience. Rashida went
up after this crazy scenario and rocked a love poem over a nice
instrumental, Heru followed course then went accapella with his
poem "Why?" and it was over. Following the fun performances the hosts
asked Tehut-Nine to do an encore, he went back to rapping then
finally finished with his poem "Why Am I A Poet?"

June 23 - June 25 - Germany - Italy

For the next couple of days we had nothing to do. The tours next date
was June 26 in Hamburg, Germany. On June 23rd Tehut-Nine and Heru
went to a party in Frankfurt while Rashida took some time for herself
and just relaxed. The night of the 23rd we all stayed up late looking
for places to go in Europe where we could treat ourselves and
celebrate the tremendous success of the tour thus far. We originally
wanted to go to Barcelona or Madrid, Spain, but the trip by train
would take almost an entire day leaving from Frankfurt so we
discussed going to either Switzerland or back to Italy. The final
decision ofcourse was Italia, but where in Italy was the next issue.
We thought about Florence, Pisa, Milan, Rome and Venice. We decided
on Venice the city on water. When we got to Venice we all agreed it
was the best place. I mean it was so beautiful, the entire city was
built with water running throughout it. The aesthetics emitted the
sentiments of love and romance as Gandalas sailed throughout the city
across the water with couples. Tourist were everywhere. The most I
knew about this place was shakespeares play "The Merchant of Venice"
now we felt like the "Poets of Venice" I can't say it enough it was
so beautiful. We got accomodations for the night at very nice hotel
close to all the festivities and got ready for our night on the town.
Tehut-Nine got decked out in his Leather pants, Rashida in a wrap
skirt and Heru in Sandals and Jeans. We ate dinner at a restaurant
and then we sailed throughout Venice on a Gandala. After we did that
went on foot in search of a club to cap the night off. Unfortunately
Venice does not have that kind of nightlife, well it does but on the
night of June 24th the 2 clubs of the city were closed. To say the
least we left Venice happy but not completely satisfied (Shrug no

June 26th - Hamburg, Germany

The trip to Hamburg was long and tiring, we left Venice at 11:00AM on
June 25 and arrived in Hamburg via Zurich, Switzerland at 8:00 Am on
June 26th. This was our last show in Germany and we were excited but
tired. The host picked us up at the train station and when we arrived
at the place we were staying everybody went to sleep. The show was
organized with the Hamburg monthly slam and would start at 9:30pm.
After we rested and showered, we went out to eat around 7:00pm then
started making our way to the venue's location. It was on a very
popular strip in Hamburg known as the Red Light District. The show
started off with Tehut-Nine as the spotlight poet doing a 20 minute
set. The room was filled to capacity about 300 people packed in to
listen as the Mind Magician unleashed his magic. It was beautiful,
the audience was very moved by the performance and gave Tehut-Nine a
huge round of applause as he ended his set with Mental Eye-
roglyphics...Heru and Rashida were entered into the slam, which was
largely dominated by German Poets. The total number of contestants
rounded out to 15 poets doing 5 minutes each. Without going into much
details by the end of the night the winner of the Hamburg Slam was a
member of the International Mind Magician 2001 Poetry Tour-Rashida
Bartley. She took first place scoring a 47 out of a possible 50. Her
closest competitor was Dirk Heulstrunk from Frankfurt who scored a
46. After the show we walked around the area and learned some
interesting things about Hamburg. Local poet Tracy Splinter described
Hamburg as "Sin City" I came understand what she meant later when she
explained how pervasive prostitution was in Hamburg. Well that wasn't
so surprising after we learned that Prostitution was legal in
Hamburg. Shit we saw women who sat in windows on display in lingerie
ready to please the next was illl. But from what I
heard it's nothing in comparison to Amsterdam...

June 27th - Paris, France

After we left Hamburg we headed to Paris where we spent the night and
got a chance to see a little more of the city. We went to the
Lafayette Galleries and took pictures of most of the architecture and
palaces. It was the first place outside of London that felt like
Manhattan, NY. We wanted to go to the Eiffel Tower but the trains
that went there stopped running after a certain time, so we didn't
get to go there. We walked around the area though and had a good time.

June 29 - Bristol, England

Tonight we do our last show in Europe and prepare to return to the US
on July 1st. The tour is definitely historical and has been
tremendously successful. Keep an eye out for more about the Mind
Magician Poetry tour starring Tehut-Nine, featuring Heru Ptah and
Rashida Bartley. The next phase of the tour will include shows in
Canada, USA (West Coast) and the Caribbean. Stay tuned, Keep your
Mind Sharp always STAY TRUE TO YOUR ART.

Int'l Mind Magician 2001 Poetry Tour-: Poetry will never be the same

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